About Hialeah AC Services - Hialeah, FL


The only certainty in the world is change. The same is true with not just life, but business ventures as well. A business in the air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance in a region fighting the heat such as Hialeah, FL are, setting up a successful business venture is not just a fluke and requires years of perseverance and undeterred customer service focus. The going for us at Hialeah AC Services hasn’t been easy as well and the two decade long history is thronged with tough situations in getting over mechanical and technical issues, as well as providing exquisite services to our customers. However, our determination and conviction has prevailed and has in turn helped us carve a niche for ourselves.

We today enjoy the esteemed position of one of the most sought after air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance company, with numerous residential and commercial clients having our number - 786-485-9569 on speed dial.

Why we’re a class apart?

Most of the other AC repair and installation service providers you would come across in the region will have limited scope of operation – they would either only look after commercial clients, or just residential customers. What this means is that their skills in air conditioning repair and maintenance are pretty skewed. They lack the oversight in the common issues faced in air conditioning and do not have experience in providing a full array of air conditioning services. We have a professional team of air conditioning experts who have a sound experience in handling issues for both residential and commercial clients, enabling them to do justice to all.


To ace as the AC maintenance, installation and repair service provider of choice for the entire region, with values of integrity, value for money and undeterred customer services.

Mission statement:

Our mission is to provide unmatched services in Hialeah, FL are, aimed towards the following ends:

  • Hialeah AC Services Hialeah, FL 786-485-9569To meet and exceed the needs of our clients
  • Establish a motivating work environment for our experts
  • To drive a quality culture in all services which we render for our clients
  • Maintain an undeterred work ethic
  • To stay up to date with any technological advancements in the cooling industry
  • To drive a customer centered service model
  • Aim towards cent percent customer satisfaction

Quality assurance:

The service offerings which we operate lay on a strong foundation of uncompromised quality assurance, which proves good on industry standards and best practices, and constantly improves upon past performance.

Is a defunct air conditioning unit giving you stress and anxiety? Then trust the best air condition experts from Hialeah AC Services to bail you out of these, by simply making a call on 786-485-9569.